Taquen present “Sibilla Aleramo” for 25Novembre Project

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10 January 2020

Taquen Interview

Invited in november 2019 to paint 4 wall for the project 25november stop violence against women.

Available from sunday 19 january at 17:00 Central European time made for support the project 25November world day against women violence

  • screen print one color on paper cotton fabriano avorio 300gr size 35x50cm
  • hand finish by the artist with watercolor, each are different
  • edition of 20 signed, stamped and numbered by the artist


How does your artistic journey begin on the streets?

– I started to paint graffiti when I was 13 years old, at the high school. Every weekend me and my friends went to the center of Madrid to buy a couple of sprays and looked for a new place to paint. We spent almost all our free time going to sign anywhere, to find abandoned spaces where we could spend some hours painting quietly or simply painting on the same old wall. Little by little I began to be interested in something more than letters and when we were going to make murals I painted portraits or other things, the letters bored me. With 15 years I started painting for small shops or stores and I improved my technique.

How come the interaction with the territory and the people that orbit the building you work?

– For me, the most important thing when I paint a wall is the environment and all that it entails. It is not the same to paint in an abandoned place than in a place where people live and where many people go through a day. As an urban artist, I feel responsible for the impact generated by my work and also I consider the process of prior investigation of the place and, when possible, the work together with the community or neighbors, the most important . The best part of painting a mural is the process, the questions, the anecdotes and the familiar people. An the end, the piece is the remainder of all that and above all memories. I think that urban art can become a double-edged tool if you are not aware of it.

How did you approach the 25 November project with Memorie Urbane?

– With respect and desire. When I work on a portrait and more if it is someone known (by me or by people), it is important to do it with respect. Both about the place where I do it and about the person portrayed. Besides being an important cause like this and paying tribute to 4 important Italian women, I thought that my work would be important if it were done with sensitivity. On the other hand, being able to travel to Italy to paint for the first time and in the places that I did, I was excited. Memorie Urbane is an artistic project that generated a lot of interest in me and was a nice opportunity to contribute.

Who saw you make four works in different Italian towns?

– At first it was overwhelming to know that I had to carry out 4 murals in just 12 days and more seeing how the weather was. We expected 12 days of rain. But on the other hand, since we were in Italy, let’s take advantage of the time! The cities were amazing, who knows when i will have the next opportunity to be there…

And the territorial associations of the project?

– I think this has been the best part of the project. I have met very cool people, they have helped me in everything I needed and I have felt at home. It is important to see how people do their part for projects such as 25th in a selfless way. Valuing art as it deserves and adding value to its cities. I have to thank everyone, without them tis wouldnt be possible.

Your future? Projects?

– For next year I would like to continue traveling and participate in social and artistic projects. It is a part of urban art that interests me a lot, using it as a tool for positive change. I am also interested in artistic research. I would like to start with the study work and carry out a personal project related to movement and travel. I would like to work around some other places in Europe. Also i will start the year in Barcelona, painting for the 12+1 proyect, for Contorno Urbano.

Available from sunday 19 january at 17:00 Central European time made for support the project 25November world day against women violence

  • screen print one color on paper cotton fabriano avorio 300gr size 35x50cm
  • edition of 30 signed, stamped and numbered by the artist
  • come wth coa


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