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11 February 2020

Juicy Kingdom – Koctel solo show

Curated by Davide Rossillo

Koctel – Skate Limited

  • screenprint 4 color on mapple canadian wood
  • size 20 x 82 cm
  • edition of 18
  • signed and numbered on back
  • come with coa
  • shipping included for selected country


First solo show of the artist from Andalusia ‘Koctel’

Fernando Hernández Arboleda, better known under the pseudonym of Koctel, was born in Granada, Spain, in 1989, he currently lives and works between Madrid and Shanghai (China), new city of adoption. Koctel designs his world, inspired by the smells and tastes he loves. Through his work the artist wants to transport us into an atmosphere saturated with colors between the tropical and the tiki, passing through the Chinese culture that he admires a lot.

His characters are fruits that acquire humanity and become the protagonists of his canvases, the full and fluo colors give an incredible strength and positivity to all his work. For his first solo show in Italy he decided to create a series of incredible works on canvas and paper, with new ways of experimentation that will surely tickle you. In 2018 and 2019 he participated in Memorie Urbane realizing building works in Fondi, Terracina and Isernia.

What is behind the Juicy Kingdom Project?

Juicy Kingdom is my first solo show in Italy and abroad so I put special attention to details. Is a little resume of my personal universe represented through few art works on canvas.

Experience matured in Italy with the exhibition and the walls in Fondi, Terracina and Isernia with Memorie Urbane?

Italy is very familiar place for me now because I had a lot of fun and very good memories in every city where I been painting with Memorie Urbane. The show was meaningful because the experience was particularly satisfied for me, and also the different people I met with the walls in Fondi, Terracina and Isernia. Each city with their different atmospheres: the wall in Fondi was specially hard but also very precious and satisfactory, Terracina was the best atmosphere, painting very close to the sea and having big touch with the pedestrians and Isernia was very interesting and beautiful place in the countryside between mountains.

Limited editions realized with Street Art Place, prints and skates, how did the experience go?

Everything was fine and very interesting for me to make the design on skates specially.

Future Projetect?

Actually I want to focus in create new works at studio and also preparing future mural projects and workshops with kids in Spain and EEUU.

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