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29 February 2020

Shozy – Cutted – Limited edition

  • giclee fine art print on cotton paper 280gr
  • signed and numbered in front
  • size 55x55cm


Was born in 1989, in Moscow, Russia. First steps in graffiti made in 2000.

Started to study design and fine arts in NIF in 2005, after spending 4 years in MHPI. In 2010 found my own original 3d lettering style in graffiti. Actually I’m in search of my personal style of work, I’m really interested about plastic and 3d real effects. First wall realised in Italy with Memorie Urbane on 2019 and first european show.

Shozy – ETCK – limited edition

  • giclee fine art print on cotton paper 280gr
  • signed and numbered in front
  • size 55x64cm


Canvases / Tele – solo show

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. We can start to talk about Shozy’s work quoting this motto from the Heart Sutra. Canvases drawn on canvases: damaged, perforated, carelessly wrapped canvases. Canvases on canvases. When I discovered this artist’s work, I found myself surrounded by a universe that made me think of Burri and Fontana. Shozy’s work is rooted in the concepts developed by these artists, but tackles them in the opposite way; his works are neither tactile nor gestural, but thorough, detailed, hyper-realistic. A world in which the canvas stays intact and flat, its dimensions being not altered, differently from our avant-gardists, who wanted to take the white canvas apart, to alter it and go beyond its two-dimensional nature. The Russian artist’s careful work is very technical and stands opposed to that thought; yet, it likewise plunges us into a vision of “form, non-form, empty, full”. Certainly, posterity will judge his works, but, for the moment, immerse yourselves in Shozy’s “Canvases”.

The artist from Russia presents his first solo show in Europe; over the past days, he participated in the eighth edition of the Urban Memories exhibition in Terracina, Italy, with a wall art work. In addition to studying art, Shozy also devoted to graffiti writing, working a lot on trains and painting his own tag (also illegally). Later on, after deep reflection, he started painting on walls: after more classical, three-dimensional works, he then developed something different, a personal idiom that continues maturing and which we can observe for the
most part in this exhibition.

Shozy – SKATE – limited edition

  • screen print 4 color on mapple canadian wood
  • signed and numbered in BACK
  • size 20×82 cm


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